What We Do

Lift & Shift provides companies of any type with access to a unique collection of popular reward program currencies that can be used as the basis for effective customer loyalty, reward or incentive programs. The programs we help our clients create are designed to deliver on the two key promises of an effective loyalty, reward or incentive strategy:

LIFT = increasing the lifetime value of existing customers by retaining them for longer periods of time and securing a larger share of their category spending

SHIFT = attracting new customers to the business, then increasing their average
lifetime value

Program currencies include:


We equip our clients with the ability to issue these various reward currencies in one seamless interface and then provide them with program marketing materials and guidelines, offer development advice and reward marketing tips to ensure they attract the members of these programs to their business and retain them as valuable customers.

Because many of the members of the programs we represent are also business owners, the program array can be used to build incremental sales & profit in both retail and business-to-business channels.

Click here to read a paper on ‘Rewarding Loyalty – Things To Consider Before Launching A Customer Rewards Program’

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