Death by Discounting

I’m routinely surprised by how many tire & auto service retailers continue to promote a 10% discount as a consumer incentive. It’s like walking down the main street of one of those quaint old towns where you can be sure there is an Oak Street and a Maple Street...

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“A” for Effort. “E” for Execution.

When my daughters were younger and a certain project or task they were undertaking didn’t turn out very well, I’d try to make light of it by jokingly saying, “A for effort….E for execution!” This became a sort of family catch phrase and years later we still haul it...

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Reward Program Design – Reward Attainability

Having recently completed a couple of big trade shows, we are busy working with a number of prospective clients as they contemplate the addition of a customer reward program in 2015. As part of the planning  process, we work with clients to develop a well structured...

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