Lift & Shift is pleased to offer our clients access to a wide variety of reward currency options. We suggest using a multi-currency reward strategy, allowing the target audience to choose how they wish to be rewarded – a key element in “best-in-class” reward programs. Lift & Shift will create customized “merchant-branded” points currencies in addition to our array of well-known, popular reward program currencies.

Popular Reward Currencies


Lift & Shift offers our clients access to a collection of well-known reward program currencies – all in a single interface – providing them with the opportunity to attract, retain and/or incentivize over 150 million unique program members who seek to add points or miles to an existing program currency account balance.

These programs include:


In-House Currencies


Many of our clients elect to create a proprietary merchant-branded “in-house” reward currency; their customers can typically redeem these customized currencies for a wide variety of items including free products or services, free marketing materials, charitable donations or family fun activities.

Examples of these in-house custom currencies include:


Points Plus
Graco Points

To watch a video on the Points Plus Rewards from Rowmark program, please click here.