Creating stickier relationships with customers is a key benefit of a great reward program. Customers who opt into a reward program are signaling that they are interested in rewards and will be motivated by them.

A leading indicator of this engagement is seen in the open and click-through rates for emails sent by a company to its customers. Generally, open and click-through rates are rather modest, however Lift & Shift client results are much higher.

All Industries*:
Average open rate: 17.92%
Average click-through rate: 2.69%

Lift & Shift Client Reward Email Results*:
Average open rate: 45.80% (255% higher than average)
Average click-through rate: 16.17% (600% higher than average)
*source: Constant Contact analysis of Lift & Shift mailings

Image 1: Average Email Open Rates, Lift & Shift vs Industry standard

Image 2: Average Email Click-Through Rates, Lift & Shift vs Industry standard


Lift & Shift is a full-service provider, administering our clients’ programs on their behalf. Our professional reward account management and marketing teams work with our clients to develop turn-key reward emails that resonate with customers and drive desired purchase behavior. The emails:

  • Contain the customer’s most current reward balance, something many participants monitor closely;
  • Include a variety of bonus offers than can be easily tailored to the customer/customer segment, ensuring greater click-through and responses;
  • Regularly change bonus offers to keep users engaged and create anticipation;
  • Showcase available rewards for the customer to choose from – and redeem right on their phone or desktop.