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Marketing: Reward Program Design Services, Reward Email, Text Messages, Sales Material


Lift & Shift works with you to structure relevant and achievable reward offers for each goal/outcome; offer values should be based on your product/transaction margins and/or the importance of each sales goal or objective.


A branded reward website used by program members to enroll, check offers, view account balances and redeem points.

Merchandise Catalog
Custom catalog of merchandise and gift cards unique to your program – can choose from a variety of categories including: Electronics, Home & Garden, Office & Productivity, Sports & Outdoors, Travel & Hotels, and more. Include your own items too – branded merchandise and apparel, account credits or charitable donations, etc.



Lift & Shift has clients of all types – manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers – as a result, we routinely work with transactional data from a variety of sources and in various formats in order to administer our clients’ reward programs. Options include:

File Transfer
Transactional data is passed to Lift & Shift via an automated or manual export of a sales/transaction report from your POS or ERP system.

POS Feeds
Transactional data is passed to Lift & Shift through an automated POS feed.

 End User Claim Submissions
Online claim submission module that allows end-users to easily upload transactions using our clients’ reward website.

Claim Module – Titan

Distributor Data Direct™
This new service is designed to enhance a manufacturer’s reward program by involving their wholesale distributors (WDs) and eliminating the need for end-user claim submissions. Lift & Shift acts as an impartial 3rd party data aggregator; we receive transactional data from each distributor under an NDA; we pull out the required transactional detail needed to process rewards from  the manufacturer to the end user but do not disclose any sensitive WD customer info to the manufacturer. This creates a win-win-win scenario: manufacturers can more easily reward downstream customers they do not sell to directly; end users benefit from earning rewards – without needing to scan & upload invoices; distributors benefit from enabling their customers to tap into manufacturer reward programs without any effort.

Distributor Data Direct


Lift & Shift offers in-person and/or online training to get your staff and sales reps trained on the reward program so they buy in, understand its purpose and how best to use it to achieve maximum sales impact.


Lift & Shift provides clients with an easy to understand reporting dashboard which illustrates key program metrics including average # visits, average transaction size, total spend, % new vs. existing customers and more. Your dashboard can be customized to reflect whatever metrics are important to your reward program.



Reward Program Design Services –
Lift & Shift provides design services to give your reward program an identity. Services include logo design, banner ads, member cards, brochures/buck slips, in-store signage and more.


Reward Email – 
Merchant-branded reward email. Email services include content development, member account balance, campaign deployment & reporting (open rate, click throughs, bounces, etc.).



Text Messaging –
 Lift & Shift can manage and deploy text messages to program participants notifying them of any special offers or updates. Text Message program is available upon request.



Sales Materials
 – Lift & Shift can provide key program materials for use throughout your marketing mix including bonus offer sheets for use in-store or as hand-outs, website graphics, sample emails and ad lugs/tags.