A reward program’s ability to influence purchase behavior of its members, depends heavily on the relevance of outgoing program communications (i.e. reward offers).

Over the past 6 months, Lift & Shift has been working to roll out an advanced communication platform that will enable our client’s to leverage each customers’ historical purchase data, providing opportunities to tailor each customer’s message to include:

  • Offers on products/services they have yet to purchase (but are purchased by similar customers)
  • Offers to repeat certain purchases
  • Offers to increase purchase volume or frequency of a certain item/service
  • Offers tied to lapses in purchase activity – e.g. 10, 30, 45 days inactive
  • Offers tied to specific product/service bundles/groupings
  • Account balance information – e.g. $ required to achieve next reward level

Your customer transaction data is quite literally a goldmine waiting to be tapped into!