Have you ever given a friend or family member an experiential gift rather than a material gift? Or perhaps you’ve been a lucky recipient. Many people today would prefer to live an experience rather than get another “thing.” The experiences could be as big as hiking Machu Picchu, a hot air balloon ride or getting tickets to a sought-after sports event. It’s the memory created that adds to the appeal, as it can last a lifetime.

According to a 2018 Harris Poll, 63% of US adults would prefer experiential gifts rather than more “stuff,” and 85% of US adults agree that experiential gifts are a fun way for both the gift giver and recipient to do something together.

The same can be said for customer loyalty programs. Having an experiential component in your program reward selection provides the opportunity for you to connect with your members on an emotional level that keeps them engaged. People want to feel special. Experiential rewards, especially a live event or travel, provide an opportunity to create a meaningful and lasting memory in the minds of your members. It’s that motivating and memorable experience that increases engagement with the rewards program and your brand.

Those memories will have an impact on your brand sales when a recipient increases their purchase frequency to earn enough points to redeem for the next event and tells others of their experience.

Lift & Shift’s vast selection of rewards includes the option to collect airline or travel rewards, as well as tickets to premium sports, concerts and theatrical events in every city across the United States and Canada to ensure we have an offering for every personality, no matter their location.

You can create social buzz around these offerings by encouraging any program members who attend an event to post photos of the experience on their social media pages; connecting your brand to the event, and enticing others to benefit from an experience of their own by becoming a member of your program.

Including an experiential element in your reward offering will motivate employees, improve sales, increase market share, reward customer loyalty, and build brand awareness. Offering a variety of different types of events ensures that you meet the diverse interests and tastes of your members.

Make those connections with your stakeholders today with a Lift & Shift loyalty reward program. Contact the Lift & Shift sales team to get started.